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$75,000 Award to Hayward Coalition for Healthy Youth to Reduce Alcohol and Drug Problems in Hayward
Hayward, CA

The Hayward Coalition for Healthy Youth (HCHY), a group of Hayward-based residents, agencies, and organizations whose mission is to reduce and prevent substance abuse, will benefit from a federal grant that has just awarded the coalition $75,000. The grant, which will be focused in north Hayward, is administered by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, will provide the HCHY the opportunity to conduct a community assessment on alcohol and drug related problems, particularly for youth, and to further strengthen the community Coalition.  The grant, which has been awarded for the fiscal year (September 30, 2011-September 29, 2012), will be dedicated to training, assessment, and community mobilization in North Hayward, specifically on A Street and the border of South Cherryland. This area, which is an area of jurisdictional overlap between the City of Hayward and Alameda County, has experienced a sharp increase in the number of alcohol and drug related crimes. The HCHY will focus its efforts in this area to curb the crime and youth-related incidents. The HCHY will be mentored by another coalition, the neighboring Ashland/Cherryland Violence Prevention Collaborative, to build the Hayward coalition’s readiness to address alcohol and drug related issues. The fiscal agent for this grant is CommPre, a program of Horizon Services, Inc., which has extensive history working in Hayward and Unincorporated Alameda County to reduce and prevent alcohol and drug related problems. Hayward is one of only 20 communities throughout the nation to have received this grant this year.

Linda Pratt, MA, Program Director
CommPre, a program of Horizon Services, Inc.
1558 B Street, Suite 201
Hayward, CA 94541
(510) 885-8745

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