Horizon Services, Inc.

HSI Mission and Values

Our Mission

Horizon Services, Inc. is a non-profit, community based organization committed to reducing alcohol and drug related problems within the community. In order to achieve this we will provide preventive, educational and therapeutic services and environments, for individuals, families and the community. These supportive services are designed to enhance the quality and productivity of the lives of all community members, program participants, staff and volunteers.


  • To provide programs of exceptional quality that are consistent with our mission.
  • To provide model leadership in the alcohol and drug provider community
  • To develop and maintain a highly visible image to the general public as a provider of exceptional alcohol and drug abuse services.
  • To stabilize and diversify funding.
  • To provide both leadership and management within Horizon Services that is consistent with our mission.
  • To ensure that no one will be denied services based solely on an inability to pay for them.
  • The path to recovery is individual but we can help you all the way.