Better Outcomes? Yes, please!

Better Outcomes horizon services

Better Outcomes? Yes, please! Horizon Treatment Services partners with Vista Research on Measurement Based Care (MBC)  Who’s on board with maximizing our client outcomes? We are!!  Allow us to introduce to you measurement-based care (MBC), a practice of basing clinical care on client data collected during treatment. MBC is an established evidence-based framework that provides […]

Horizon Treatment Services Embraces Innovative Treatment Approaches

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy was developed in 1987 (Shapiro, 2018). Dr. Francine Shapiro developed the EMDR technique out of her own trauma and mental health crisis. Shapiro found that during a walk, her eye movements seemed to desensitize her own emotions around distressing memories. This discovery has led to a revolution, with […]

Substance Use + Mental Health in Youth and Young Adults

Substance Use + Mental Health in Youth and Young Adults By Rochelle U. Collins, ASW, MAAssociate Director of Outpatient & Prevention ServicesHorizon Treatment Services Although most youth are in good health, some youths are at an increased risk for behaviors that can lead to poor health outcomes, such as high-risk substance use. The majority of adults […]

Evidence-Based Mental Health Recovery

Evidence-Based Mental Health Recovery “Responding to life’s challenges instead of reacting negatively to situations are the principals upon which One New Heart Beat was developed.” Waynette BrockCEO, One New Heartbeat Horizon is excited to announce a new partnership with One New Heartbeat, a 501C3 non-profit organization specializing in Mental Health Recovery, Including The Wellness Recovery Action […]

“Beat” Meth

“Beat” Meth The acuity of the methamphetamine epidemic is highly visible in emergency departments. Did you know that Methamphetamine is the second leading cause of overdose death in America after opioids? More than 29,000 Americans die every month of non-cocaine psychostimulant overdose, and methamphetamine addiction is becoming more frequent among racial minority and historically underserved […]

Developing Our Workforce

Developing Our Workforce Jen Slusser-MacTernan, Director of Outreach and Talent Development Horizon Treatment Services has been steadily implementing improved training for staff – one of many initiatives derived from an Employee Engagement Survey last year. The evidence-based practices our counselors use lead with compassionate, trauma-informed support and responses with our clients. We are excited to […]

Doing Justice with Smoking Cessation

Doing Justice with Smoking Cessation “People with substance use disorder (SUD) smoke cigarettes at a rate more than twice that of the general population.” – (Saloner et al., 2023) Anna Phillips, Chief Program Officer Cigarette smoking has decreased by 9% over the last decade (Saloner et al, 2023). One group of consumers, however, has not been […]

The Horizon Services CLAS Committee

A Note from Jen Slusser MacTernan, Horizon’s CLAS Committee Leader on Equity for BIPOC and LGBTQ The CLAS Committee meets monthly to explore important topics tied to the national Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) standards. Drug addiction is a…